Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross: Almost 600,000 Jobs Will Be Created In 2020 Under USMCA

Additionally, Wilbur Ross says the Wuhan Coronavirus will help “accelerate” the return of jobs to the US, and that he doesn’t “see a recession”…

(Silver Doctors Editors) Wilbur Ross took to Fox Business today give his analysis on the USMCA, the Wuhan Coronavirus, and more.

He shares his “optimistic” outlook for job creation this year under the new USMCA:

“I don’t see a recession”.

Finally, in case you missed it, Jerome Powell was asked a question about the USMCA yesterday in the presser, and not only did the Chairman of the Federal Reserve not know the acronym (Powell said “USMA”), Powell also did not realize it had passed in the Senate.

Here’s the replay of yesterday’s post-FOMC press conference (minute 1:28:28 for the comments on “USMA”):

The trade deals are “potentially positive things for the economy. Without question. Without question.”.

Powell is not as optimistic as Ross.