Coming COLLAPSE OF US Financial PONZI SCHEME Leads To Exploding Gold & Silver Prices

Americans are totally unprepared for the coming collapse in the U.S. Financial Ponzi Scheme and Economy…

by Steve St Angelo of SRSrocco Report

Americans are totally unprepared for the coming collapse in the U.S. Financial Ponzi Scheme and Economy.  While the highly-leveraged debt-based U.S. financial system and economy were going to implode on their own in due time, the global contagion has sped up the process considerably.

Unfortunately, there is no way that the U.S. economy will ever return back to the level it was at the end of 2019.  Furthermore, I believe that the United States reached the ultimate peak of unconventional shale oil production.  This is terrible news for the U.S. government policy of “U.S. Energy Independence.” With the oil price trading at $20, and soon to reach the single digits, shale oil companies are being destroyed DAY IN & DAY OUT.

With the destruction of the U.S. Shale Industry now taking place right in front of our eyes, the “LAST HOPE” for continuing business as usual, the Collapse of the U.S. Financial Ponzi Scheme has begun.  I discussed the details in my newest video, U.S. Ponzi Scheme Collapse Lead To Exploding Gold & Silver Prices:

In the new video update, I provide colorful charts, including information you can’t find anywhere else on the internet.  One of these charts shows how the massive increase in total U.S. debt was the primary factor in driving U.S. GDP to a record of $21.7 trillion in 2019.  Early on, the increase in the United States energy consumption paralleled the rise in the country’s GDP and total debt levels.  However, this all changed after 1970; when U.S. conventional oil production peaked, followed by Nixon dropping the Gold-Dollar peg.

The U.S. Financial Ponzi Scheme and Economy have been propped up by growing or stable energy consumption. Now that U.S. oil demand has fallen off a cliff, it is destroying financial assets left and right. Thus, the Fed is currently buying everything but stocks… which it may shortly. With the majority of U.S. Household Assets invested in Financial Assets, the global contagion is now detonating the TICKING TIMEBOMB. It’s only a matter of time before a large percentage of U.S. Household Asset values evaporate.

I then compare U.S. Household Asset values to total Global Gold and Silver Investment. To see this comparison, you have to watch the video above.

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