Comex Silver And The Retail!

While the political drama takes over the airwaves, we still have an extreme shortage of physical Silver at the retail level. The spread between…

by  J. Johnson via JS Mineset

Great and Wonderful Monday Morning Folks,

     We start our week off in the positive with Gold trading at $1,821.60, up $8.50 from Friday’s close with a low at $1,807.30 and the high nearby at $1,825. Silver is up as well with its trade at $27.25, a gain of 23.6 cents after dipping down to $26.93 with the high at $27.40. The US Dollar now shows a value peg at 91.18, up 14.8 points and close to the high at 91.21 with the low at 90.96, after Friday’s 48.8-point correction. Of course, all this happened before Comex opened, London closed, and after watching Mike Lindell’s “Absolute Proof Documentary” on Rumble a few times, instead of watching anything else, because this last election’s bean-counters are doing very questionable things, to say the least. Do a google search on the title and see what the “Big Wrek” is doing by removing this video from the services they control; it helps prove they are removing content.

      Venezuelan’s who bought Gold late last week are now seeing a 193.76 Bolivar gain from Friday’s early morning post with the last buy at 18,193.23, with Silver buyers now seeing a 272.16 Bolivar price for an ounce, showing a 6.99 gain. Argentina’s Peso price for Gold is also proving a gain of 1,736.59 with its last trade at 160,171.45 Peso’s with Silver’s last purchase price at 2,395.99, showing a 62.09 A-Peso gain. Turkey’s Lira price for Gold gained 231.92 with today’s last buy at 12,964.24 Lira with Silver buyers having to pay an additional 6.37 T-Lira for an ounce with its last trade at 193.94.

      February Silver’s Delivery Demands now shows a post of 550 fully paid for contracts and with a Volume of 2 up on the board with a single price at $27.28, a gain of 26.6 cents from Friday’s close. Last week’s final day of delivery activity happened in between $26.805 and $26.43 with the closing price at $27.014, where no trade was made, a gain of 79.1 cents that had a total of 58 new buys that helped reduce the demand count by 53 contracts that may have received receipts. Silver’s Overall Open Interest is showing a slight reduction of 201 paper contracts that left the field of play leaving a total of 175,078 contracts to trade against what’s left in physicals.

      February Gold’s Delivery Demands, is now showing 10,265 fully paid for contracts waiting for receipts with a Volume of 121 already up on the board with a trading range between $1,818.90 and $1,809 with the last swap at $1,817.40, up $6.50, so far today. Friday’s delivery trades happened in between $1,813.50 and $1,790.90 with the closing price at $1,810.90, a gain of $22 from Thursday’s Comex close that had a total of 1,278 new swaps, that helped reduce the demands by 678 contracts that got receipts, maybe. Gold’s Overall Open Interest shows a loss of 816 short contracts giving us an early morning total of 517,620 Overnighters willing to go against what’s left inside all the Comex warehouses, proving most of the activity happened inside the delivery contract.

      The US Supreme Court is finally scheduling Pennsylvania’s election fraud case, along with Sidney Powell’s Michigan case, and Lin Wood’s Georgia Case on Feb 19th. One of Michigan’s issues is now being fixed, as its Secretary of State – Jocelyn Benson, announces that she intends to remove almost 200,000 names from the registered voter list before the case gets to the SCOTUS and after they counted the vote. Arizona is also doing a full forensic audit to expose the Dominion Frauds and Georgia state, seems to have gone absolutely silent.

      While the political drama takes over the airwaves, we still have an extreme shortage of physical Silver at the retail level. The spread between Comex and the consumer level is huge. Those that buy 5 – one-thousand-ounce bars from Comex, and have their purchases sent to smelters to produce 1-ounce rounds, are making a killing. Let us not forget the US Mints admittance that they cannot keep up with the demands and the fact that Comex has increased the smelters they buy from.

      Remember to enjoy all Mondays, we spend approximately 1/7th of our lives in it, so make it a happy one! Hang on tight to the real, get more if you can, and keep it in hand. We may be in for one hell of a move as we move closer and closer to proving how empty Comex really is. As always …

Stay Strong!

J. Johnson

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