Collapse Happens Fast: Perfect Excuse To Bring The Troops Home, Declare Martial Law, And Worse

Nobody could have seen this coming, could they?

(by Half Dollar) Collapse happens fast.

I’m not really sure why anybody is surprised by the latest developments?

I mean, even an idiot like me could figure it out, and that was three months ago:


I haven’t even begun to go down that rabbit hole, and I really don’t want to either, nor do I think I will.

I will say a few things about it, however.

Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day are notorious for False Flags and Flase Flag Hoaxes.

Perhaps some will recall the “I got ‘F-IN’ shot in the leg, man!” from four years ago?

These events play into the Deep State Globalists’ hands very nicely.

How so?

In part, it justifies the US military setting up check-points throughout the United States.

You know, 3rd Word, Heck-Hole, and Warzone type stuff.

That said, if you are a Deep State Globalist and your goal is to put US troops on American soil and point them inward, well, you kind of have to bring them home first, and what better excuse is there than something like a “Chinese Invasion” threat, or a “surge in homegrown terrorism” threat, or something like that?

And it’s a two for one, really, in that we’re bringing the troops home under the guise of defending the United States against the Chinese invasion, yet at the same time there’s a surge in domestic incidents as well, so we’ve got to get them patrolling American streets as soon as possible.



Now, since I’m most likely rambling, let me sum it up right here: Be prepared for further restrictions of free movement around the country, especially state to state, because “state lines” indicate areas of potential dispute, which means Los Federales, for lack of a better term, and indeed, lets not get it twisted – this is Banana Republic crap right here.

But I digress.

Here’s what it means for Joe Deplorable: Get ready for increased security and scrutiny depending on the scenario.

Here’s one: You’re driving a few states over to attend your _________ (fill in the blank) ___________ (fill in the blank).

And since you’ve been driving for a while and have just crossed state lines, you see that the “welcome center”, a.k.a. the “rest area”, is open two miles down the road.


So you pull in, relieve yourself, and upon exit, well, um, yeah.

It very well could be “papers please” on the way out.

Or “none shall pass”.

Or “whatever”.

So, here’s the question: If on the domestic front, as in, within these United States, if there’s surging “terrorism”, “threats of terrorism”, “homegrown terrorism”, and things like that, along with the need to harden our military defenses from perennial enemies looking to take advantage of a coronavirus weakened and focused population, then how would that not be a good excuse to bring the troops home and put them on the streets of America?

If the empire is collapsing, there is a whole lot of military muscle in a whole lot of far away lands, and it can no longer be supported.

I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it.

Gold & silver spiked on Sunday evening:

Of course they did.

Thanks for reading,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart