Claudio Grass: If Dollar Goes Up Again That’s Their Enslavement END GAME

Claudio Grass says that wealth cannot be printed. There will be no smooth transition. The central banks are determined to destroy Western Civilization. For now, the West believes in them, but this is all about to change…

Claudio Grass interviewed on SGTreport

Claudio Grass says that the Central Banks are doing everything within their power to destroy Western Civilization. This includes all levels of society including the destruction of the family.

What they can’t control, however, is the individual. This is where they will fall short unless they can push their agenda even harder with a Marxist enslavement of all of humanity.

Claudio says it is the time for humanity to stand together and not let them divide us or conquer us.

No currency is safe, not even the dollar. The collapse is on as evidenced in the refugee crisis since it will begin in the periphery. This must listen interview brings everybody up to speed: