Chris Martenson: The Price Of Oil Will Be The Pin That Pricks The Everything Bubble

Chris says that no central banker is going to prick the bubble because the central banks are deathly afraid of the markets they created. Here’s more…

Chris Martenson interviewed by Greg Hunter on USA Watchdog

What is going to cause this financial bubble to pop? Economic researcher and futurist Chris Martenson says, “The price of oil is likely going to be the pin that pricks these bubbles. No central banker is going to do it. They are deathly afraid of these markets they have created. . . . They are afraid of a downturn in the markets, and they won’t willingly go there. What could force that is the price of oil. . . . The higher price of oil is going to really harm some weak players out there. . . . The chain reaction always starts with somebody not being able to pay their debt back.”