Chris Martenson: Plenty of Spending Now but NOT in the FUTURE

Chris teaches savings and investment in not just financial, but many key areas, because the hard, cold reality is about to come crashing down on all of us as we face this “Everything Bubble”. Wars, bail-outs, bail-ins, and all this destructive, short term spending has a serious consequences – NO FUTURE.

Chris Martenson joins Wall St for Main St to try and sort out what makes sense in a world totally devoid of any common sense.

Chris says this central bank coordination, manipulation and interventions has created the “everything bubble” where a lot of things are divorced from reality and make no sense anymore.

Jason and Chris discuss how short term rent seeking myopic behavior by economic and political elites means near unlimited bailouts or spending is available for banks or for new wars but no sound long term investments are made into rapidly declining infrastructure in the US.