Chris Martenson: A Wealth Transfer Is Coming And People Will Become Trapped If They’re In Paper

Chris says that a wealth transfer is coming, from people who hold paper to people who hold real assets, like gold & silver. Here’s the details…

Chris Martenson interviewed by Greg Hunter on USA Watchdog

Futurist and economic researcher Chris Martenson says people can protect themselves with real assets as opposed to paper assets. Martenson says, “Real assets are the place you need to be if and when a paper tower comes crumbling down. I am diversified myself. I believe in land. I believe in real estate. I believe in gold. I believe in silver. I believe in other metals. I believe in these hard assets because this is where we are going to have to hide out because if you held hard assets in Turkey, in Venezuela, in Argentina and in places where the currency collapsed and declined, these would have been great places to be hiding out. . . . When this worm turns, it’s going to be a lot faster than it has in the past. There is no free lunch, and if you can see that, there is a wealth transfer coming. The wealth transfer is going to have a bright red line, and people are going to get trapped on the side where they hold paper claims, and the people that are going to preserve their wealth are going to be on the other side of the line with their wealth tied up in real things. That’s the period of history that is about to unfold.”

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