China Virus Symptoms Or Something Else? Candidate Trump Told It Like It Was, President Trump Won’t Tell Us Anything

SD Friday Wrap: One thing is clear – don’t look to the Coronavirus Task Force, or President Trump himself, for ANY useful information…

The more I watch the “Coronavirus Task Force”, the more I’m in disgust, and yes, I’ve watched every stinkin’ minute of every stinkin’ press conference since at least last Sunday, March 15, when President Trump had nothing but praise for the Fed.

I don’t hate many things in life, but I do hate cliches, and I hate using them even more, but this one here is appropriate: If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.

(insert sound of crickets here)

Not even one month ago, the stock market was looking like a buying opportunity to President Trump:

It must really be a buying opportunity now!

Or course, those who willingly gamble in a rigged casino might want to buy a bottle of Pepto first:

Because the volatility is really only getting stated right along with the literal mass die-off of untold numbers of Americans.

Yes, yield on the 10-Year Note was above 4.0% ten years ago:

The financial crisis has barely begun, and the Fed is already at zero on the Fed Funds Rate, with yield on the 10-Year finishing the week below 1.0%.

The move in the US dollar index is noteworthy, in part, because of how steep that spike has been:

If the coronavirus is killing exports from the United States, the strong US dollar is literally finishing off the exporters right now.

Crude oil almost fell into the teens this week:

The plunge in the price of oil was cover for President Trump ordered the refilling of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Honest Question: Why hasn’t the President refilled the strategic grain reserve which was sold off in 2008?

Copper, however, has not yet put-in that lower-low:

As the crack-up boom becomes evident to everybody around the world, copper will catch a bid as nations look to stockpile things that can be stockpiled with the minimum of ease, and that includes copper.

Platinum is on fire (sale):

Platinum is ten times rarer than gold, and it’s about to become even more accessible to the humble stacker.

Palladium’s fall has been breathtaking:

That’s not a slope of hope but a cliff dive!

On paper, we can really see silver’s under-performance to gold:

In the real, physical world, however, we see the gold-to-silver ratio isn’t even above 80.

Gold is holding its own here:

And to think – we have not yet gone from global pandemic to global gold fever.

And then there was silver:

Some say “if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it”, but I’m saying if you want to hold an ounce of physical silver in your hand, right now, it will dang sure cost more than $12.50.

Bottom line as we find ourselves here this beautiful Friday in late March?

One thing is clear: The government is not being honest here.

Another thing is clear: They’d rather spew “hope”.

That’s not what I say, but what Trump says.

It is a shame for his supporters, too.

I went to one of Trump’s rallies.

Saw fans standing in line.

Many who will die.

Because of?

His false.



Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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