China Releasing Government Crypto Currency As Early As November 11th?

China’s PBOC Says Its Own Cryptocurrency Is…

by Jason Burack via Wall St For Main St

China’s PBOC Says Its Own Cryptocurrency Is ‘Close’ to Release. Other sources like Quartz, Forbes and a former global head of financial strategy for China Construction Bank until 2012, says the largest bank in the world, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the second largest bank in the world, his former employer, the Bank of China, the Agricultural Bank of China; two of China’s largest financial technology companies, Alibaba and Tencent; and Union Pay, an association of Chinese banks, will receive the cryptocurrency.

Articles Quoting Multiple Sources About China’s Government Crypto Launch Coming Soon:
1) China’s PBOC says its own cryptocurrency is ‘close’ to release
2) Alibaba, Tencent, Five Others To Receive First Chinese Government Cryptocurrency
3) What China could gain from a digital yuan


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