Check This $126 Billion Gold Opportunity in Australia

Australia’s first New South Wales Gold Rush took place over 120 years ago. Back then, prospectors wielded nothing more than pickaxes. 

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Now, a second NSW Gold Rush is on, with a mad rush to this territory with gold explorers wielding the latest technology. 

Huge mining names have now gathered. And a sea of junior explorers is attempting to storm the venue. 

But one stands out: Sentinel Resources Corp. (CSE:SNL; OTC:SNLRF). It has 8 massive gold projects covering nearly 95,000 hectares which contains nearly 200 historic, high-grade Gold-Rush-era mines and showings. 

Smart gold investors are loading up and sitting on the edge of their seats for what is potentially the biggest announcement to come out of Australia’s gold scene in over a century … 

Sentinel Resources Corp. is already up over 3X (and rising) likely because it’s sitting on an incredibly massive gold land package in one of the most untapped gold rush venues in the world. 

And it may only need one of its ~200 historic, high-grade gold rush-era mines and major gold showings to hit it big. 

Those are odds that investors love. 


The world’s central banks are on an unprecedented money-printing binge. 

By Q2 2020 alone, in a frantic attempt to save the economy squashed by a pandemic, the Feds have printed some $3.5 trillion in new money, out of thin air. 

Smart investors are now hedging their portfolios with physical gold and gold ETFs…

The biggest banks in the world are eyeing gold prices of around $3,000 in just over a year.  FormerCitigroup billionaire Thomas Kaplan predicts $5,000 gold

And the smartest investors are doing the deep research to uncover small-cap gold explorers sitting on billions in potential gold.

Why? For every 1% gold rallies… junior mining stocks often rally 10%… 20% or more.

Small stocks like this have the potential to hand investors gains of 2,000%… even more.

And Sentinel Resources is an approximately $15M market cap gold explorer that’s staked massive claims right in the beating heart of a historic gold rush play. 

Already, we’ve seen over a 3X gain for Sentinel, but with a tiny $15M market-cap sitting on 95,000 hectares and 198 historic, high-grade gold mines and major gold showings, there is extraordinary upside potential. 

Especially with $126 billion underground in the area…


Again, Sentinel (CSE:SNL; OTC:SNLRF) has 8 huge gold projects in NSW. Some of them could have gold concentrations that would have the world’s top miners flocking to the area.

And that’s in a territory that’s already produced over 40 million ounces of gold … and still has an estimated 68 million+ ounces in the ground. 

Some 60 of the 198 historic gold mines and major gold showings  Sentinel has acquired in NSW are previous high-grade mines with potential to be developed into world-class gold mines.

And 17 of those 60 have shown some intersections with gold concentrations of up to 184 grams per ton (g/t) Au. 

Now, Sentinel needs to prove that gold up, and that’s where the news flow promises to be fast and furious, potentially taking a stock to the heights that mint new millionaires out of investors in this sector. 

As we speak, Sentinel is running a high-tech evaluation of all 198 historic mines and gold showings across its 8 gold projects. They’ll pick the top 50% for Phase 2 exploration–the second de-risking. The remaining 50% will be considered for joint venture. 

But there’s one more $30-million plus twist that investors will love …

Sentinel’s already got a massive historic database of over 3,000 data points on these NSW gold plays. That could be worth over $30 million in free exploration juice. 

Honing in on just one target area paints a picture of the sheer breadth of this gold potential: 

The Peel-Manning Fault System, for starters, is a structuree between two continental blocks–and it’s a colossal structure that’s already shed half a million ounces of minerals (that’s $862 million in today’s dollars). Sentinel is eyeing the possibility here that in 2 areas of the system alone, they could get more than a million ounces of gold, making it arguably one of the top junior gold plays in the entire world. 

That’s $1.7 billion!


Because of the unique geology of the area, gold was formed in high densities. A historic gold nugget worth $17.3 million was found at Sentinel’s Stanleys project–120 years ago. It made front-page news then. It would make a digital explosion today. 

But Sentinel (CSE:SNL; OTC:SNLRF)isn’t going for a single gold nugget–no matter how big it is. It’s going for … gold … in 8 massive projects littered with almost 200 historic, high-grade mines and gold showings of Gold Rush fame.  

And they have one of the biggest names in gold exploration behind them. 

Dr. Chris Wilson, professional geologist and speacialist mine finder. Dr. Wilson has been direcvtly involved in the development of some of the most explosive juniors in recent months, particularly in Australia!

Wilson’s is a name connected with almost every major gold-mining success story you’ve heard in the past three decades–and particularly on the junior mining scene. 

He served as the head of exploration for Ivanhoe Mines for a decade, leading the company’s Mongolia mining exploration covering a massive 11 million hectares.  

He’s the go-to expert for area selection, prospect generation and target generation, and his tracking record in large resource drilling is unparalleled

He’s worked on major projects in over 75 countries–and now he’s jumping in on Sentinel’s NSW exploration in a huge vote of confidence for investors. 

And he’s joined by another high-profile senior advisor to Sentinel–Karl Kottmeier, a force of nature on the TSX who’s managed and raised over $200 million in equity capital for resource-based ventures, including Rockgate Capital Corp. and American Lithium. 


Smart investors are getting in now… ahead of future catalysts.

Sentinel is expecting final exploration drilling approval in less than four weeks. 

It’s already got exploration data to work with, and it’s already identifying targets. 

Within three months, this story could be out of the bag, and with more exposure this NSW gold rush will be hard to contain. 

And this is a true gold rush. Everyone’s congregating here–with big results.

  • Fosterville South (TSX.V:FSX) just announced multiple high-grade gold assays from its core drilling program at its Golden Mountain project. 
  • Kirkland Lake Gold (TSX:KL) showed high-grade intersections at its Fosterville Swan Zone, a new exploration area of its Fosterville mine, the largest gold producer in the Australian state of Victoria. 
  • Newcrest Mining (TSX:NCM) just set in motion the “execution” phase of its Cadia Mine Expansion project, one of the largest in Australia. This is one of the largest, lowest cost, long-life gold mines in the entire world. 

They’re surrounding Sentinel, and their news flow IS Sentinel’s as well. With each new drilling result from FSX, KL and NCM, Sentinel’s stock can potentially get a boost because NSW is now on almost everyone’s radar as the one of the most extraordinary gold opportunities, ever. 

Sentinel’s 8 projects, 200 previous mines and gold showings and 95,000 hectares means an extremely robust approach to gold exploration. It may only have to make a discovery in one of its former mines to shoot through the roof.  

They’re sitting on some of the most highly prospective ground in the world with an unbelievable land package in Gold Rush territory that’s been forgotten for over a century. In terms of geological addresses, it doesn’t get any better than this. And with some  of the biggest names in gold exploration behind the wheel, the de-risking looks delightful. 

Smart investors are getting in ahead of the next big NSW announcement, Sentinel Resources exploration results, or another historic multi-million-dollar nugget shared on Twitter and Facebook worldwide. If that happens, Sentinel Resources Corp. (CSE:SNL; OTC:SNLRF) could become one of the biggest gold explorer stories of 2020.

By. Paul Harton

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