Can’t Spare A Dime! Joe Deplorable Gets Nothing In Next Round Of Federal Government’s Free Money (Also Known As Fiscal “Stimulus”)

Too bad Joe’s got a job and challenges in life, lest he take to the streets, perhaps without a picket sign but a pitchfork, or a torch, or whatever…

(by Half Dollar) Well, perhaps there is official progress in Washington, but it’s being reported by CNN, so who knows?

Regardless, our “elected” leaders in Washington seem to have finally come to an agreement on one thing: Screw you Joe Deplorable!

That’s right folks, from CNN (bold added for emphasis and commentary):

Washington (CNN)A bipartisan group of lawmakers is trying to inch closer to an agreement on a federal coronavirus relief package, but it does not currently include cash payments like the ones sent to more than 160 million Americans earlier in the year.

Rather, the proposed deal focuses on unemployment benefits, aid for small businesses and other targeted assistance rather than direct payments to all Americans — despite a last-minute push by progressive members of Congress, as well as Republican Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri, in support of another round of $1,200 payments.

That “targeted” assistance is for things like the Airlines.

Because nobody is really travelling like they used to travel:

But when the picking of winners and losers is done by the current crop of corrupt, evil fine, upstanding politicians in Washington, DC, why in the heck would the airlines NOT get bailed-out for a second time this year?

I still think the stimulus checks are coming, however, because Joe Deplorable is not like Antifa, or like BLM, or like the Lunatic Left, or like any of those predictable, bought and paid for sell-outs, shills, actors, and more, and, kind of not unlike silver, the Deep State Globalists don’t want to hit Joe Deplorable too hard, or it could have adverse consequences.

Here’s something that’s interesting, according to the CNN reporting:

The agreement calls for providing $160 billion to state, local and tribal governments as the basis for good faith negotiations.

That is interesting because Trump was very emotional about state and local bail-outs.

See here:

Or here:

Or here:

Those Tweets are just a few examples.

Here’s the question: Would President Trump sign a “bi-partisan” bill that does not include Economic Impact Payments for Joe Deplorable but does include state and local bailouts?

Follow-up question: If he does sign a bill like that, wouldn’t that be kind of like, well, a low blow to the Red Hats?