Can Gold & Silver Fight Their Way Back To Flat On The Year?

Is “unch” within reach this week?

(by Half Dollar) Gold opened the year at $1908, and silver opened the year at $26.77.

It seems as if everything in the entire world is up on the year, and then there’s gold & silver.

No, that’s not a grammar mistake.

Yes, they’re one in the same.

It’s not even really a choice.

Regardless, gold & silver are close to flat on the year.

Gold is down about 2.3%:

Gold needs about a little more than forty bucks to make it back to unchanged.

Silver is down about 5.6%:

Silver needs about $1.50 in price gains to make it back to unchanged.

The consensus, in both the mainstream media and the wannabe mainstream media, is that gold & silver are in rally mode.