Alt-Media Campaign A Success As SGTreport YT Channel Back Up And Running!

We war still rages on against the truth, but the truth won this battle. Here’s the details…

By now most people who visit alternative websites know what happened to Sean’s YT channel.

With no explanation at all, he was given a third strike and his channel was taken down by YT.

We covered the story here.

Sean thanked us for our role in a private email.

Between a combination of contacting YT, through the various mechanisms including @TeamYouTube on Twitter, it seems the support was overwhelming and YT had to cave to the demands from the alternative community.

As of now, his channel is back up:

Sean also has his 343,000+ subscribers as well.

It looks like Sean will have some re-configuring to do, but all said, this is good news.

Here’s a little of what Sean had to say about it:

To date, I have yet to get an explanation for why my channel was terminated on Monday, or why it was un-terminated tonight. However, one thing is certain: I have never witnessed a bigger outcry against You Tube’s tyranny than I that which I’ve seen firsthand over the past two days. Every true friend I have reached out with support via email or by making a video decrying You Tube’s dirty tactics against SGT Report and against the free speech of us all.

Now, does this mean we will stop looking for alternative means to post audio and video whenever possible?


But we really need the alternative media to migrate as well.

For example, there are several videos we plan to feature that are only available on YT.

But hey, this is a start, and it goes to show that the alternative media is a lot stronger than the MSM thinks.

Is the war over?


But this battle is.

Thanks to everybody who who personally took to Twitter and Tweeted to @TeamYouTube. We know it was many people because we saw it from retweets of what we were sending out.

We must remain vigilant – I can see that the Robert David Steele interview was up last night, and upon checking this morning, that video is down again.

It is obvious the MSM does not want truth getting out there, and it is not a time to sit back and think everything is fine again.

I’m sure they will have Sean’s channel under a fine-toothed comb.

In case you missed it, here’s how the channel was taken down in real time as Sean just found out about it while logging in for a Harley Schlanger interview:

Battle by battle we can all win the war for truth.

Because if we lose, well, that’s why 1984 should be required reading for anybody who considers themselves alternative.

Here’s a link to read the entire book for free online, in PDF format.

Like they say, it’s a warning, not a guide.

And we have to fight to keep it that way.

Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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