California Governor Keeps ‘Grand Princess’ Cruise Ship In Limbo, NYC Mayor Says Covid-19 “Number Will Continue To Go Up”

The coronavirus news is going from bad to worse this Thursday afternoon…

(Silver Doctors Editors) The Covid-19 news today is quickly going from bad to worse in the United States.

First, here’s a look at the 1:13 p.m. (Thursday, March 5th) update of the Johns Hopkins tracker:

We’re now up to 176 cases in the United States according to that one source.

Now that the Diamond Princess is less of a thing, there’s this new thing, a new cruise ship that is, called the “Grand Princess”, and it’s being held in Limbo off the California coast.

From NPR:

The Grand Princess cruise ship is in limbo off the California coast after a former passenger became the state’s first known person to die from COVID-19. Health workers say they will now test some current passengers to determine whether they have the respiratory virus.

“We are going to be flying testing kits to the cruise ship, and we are going to be sending those quickly back to the state,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said at a news conference late Wednesday. “We’ll be able to test very quickly within just a few hours.”

Eleven passengers and 10 crew members were showing symptoms of COVID-19, the governor said, adding that the number “may significantly understate” the presence of the coronavirus on the cruise ship.

On the East coast, it’s not looking good for the state of New York.

The number of cases there just doubled:

Meanwhile, some schools are closing down it what is arguably ground zero for the US coronavirus epidemic, Washington state:

All Northshore public schools will be closed beginning Thursday for up to 14 days because of COVID-19 concerns, the district announced Wednesday evening as it transitions to an online-only model.

“I have spent the past few weeks researching and monitoring the rapidly changing COVID-19 coronavirus health issue in our region and across the world … Now, I believe that the time has come for our district community to make an important shift,” Northshore School District superintendent Michelle Reid said in a Wednesday letter to families.

In her lengthy announcement, she further explained her rationale. “We are taking this strategic approach not because we think by doing so, we will stop an epidemic; we are simply trying to do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19,” she wrote. “We are no longer able to provide quality instruction and maintain an environment that is safe.”

In other news, the US government continues botching the response in every way imaginable.

Here’s the latest example of that: