Budget Cuts Coming? Trump Ordered His Department Heads To Cut Their Budgets By 5%

The national debt increases exponentially, and nobody really takes it seriously. There’s also skyrocketing personal debt. This debt will matter. Here’s why…

Kerry Lutz interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

​Faced with skyrocketing national & personal debt, a failing educational system, and a society being propelled into factional infighting, we are even more perilously facing a calculated war on diverse opinion, which is working its toxic effect on not only our public and private debates, but silencing dissenting opinions and even more sinister effect of dissolving and disabling our capacity for rational thought, deep contemplation, true understanding,
and vigorous debate for the truth.

Founder and host of FinancialSurvivalNetwork.com, Kerry Lutz, visits Reluctant Preppers to expound on the dire state of our so-called journalism, from fake news to fake polls, devolving into constant entertainment, and what we must do to reclaim the intellectual fiber necessary to resurrect our republic.