Brent Johnson: US Dollar Rally Far From Over?

Brent expects things to get a lot worse with the global macro picture, but he expects the demand for dollar to keep increasing. Here’s why…

Brent Johnson interviewed by Jason Burack of Wall Street For Main Street

In the past, Brent worked as a money manager for banks and larger firms before becoming a gold fund manager. During this 30+ minute, Jason asks Brent about his views on the global macro situation. Brent expects things to get a lot worse but for the demand for US Dollars to keep increasing. According to Brent’s estimates there’s about $11 trillion dollars in dollar denominated debt outstanding globally and almost $2 trillion dollars of it is coming due in the next 12 months. Jason also asks Brent about the Chinese bank failures that have gone public in the last 3 or so weeks, China’s economy, if emerging markets will get emergency liquidity from the Fed and also gold and gold mining. Brent thinks that China will be having civil unrest in 12 months due to food shortages and rising food prices.

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