Breakout! Gold Reclaims $1600, Silver Reclaims $18 As “Market Participants” Realize This Isn’t Simply “The Flu”

Gold & silver are on the move on Tuesday as the Titans of Retail, Apple and Walmart, show that all is not well…

(Silver Doctors Editors) Gold & silver are on the move.

What is the likely catalyst?

Oh, perhaps the slow realization that owning some gold & silver is a good idea if we’re in the economic collapse?

After all, the Titans of Retail are looking sickly right now.

As shown by this screenshot from Bloomberg:

Interestingly, from the headline at least, it seems that Apple is acknowledging some economic contagion from the coronavirus.

Here’s what’s going on with Walmart, from Zero Hedge:

Going off of the title alone, it looks like Walmart is playing the whole “soft holiday sales” blame game.

Question: If Apple and Walmart are struggling early on, during this “flu” season, what does this say about other companies without the deep pockets or ability to strong-arm suppliers and contractors?