The US Mint Is Hiking SILVER Prices, Will Charge $67 For Each 1-Ounce Uncirculated American Silver Eagle Coin STARTING Tuesday, October 13!

“Prices for products containing silver will change EFFECTIVE October 13, 2020…re-setting silver prices is necessary”…

(by Half Dollar) No inflation, huh?

The US Mint even says below, to “cover rising costs”.

Regardless, here’s a little dandy that the US Mint would probably like to keep as much under wraps as possible.

From just today:


From the Federal Register:

Here’s the PDF of the government’s entry in the register, and, specifically, the products that are affected.

And here’s the table from the PDF file:

That’s $67 for each uncirculated Silver Eagle?

Notice that while these coins are one step above, for example, a “tube of Eagles”, these are not necessarily coins that one may think of as “numismatic”.

I’d call them “semi-numismatic”, but hey, the US Mint is hiking prices by almost 25% on the uncirculated Silver Eagle alone, so the US Mint can’t really afford to cheap out now, can they?

The 5-ounce uncirculated ATB’s are on the list of price hikes too!


In other words, the factor that differentiates between “numismatic” and the standard, BU condition American Silver Eagle bullion coin is a US Mint presentation box and a Certificate of Authenticity.




The “uncirculated” the US Mint is referring to means the coin comes in the Mint’s presentation box with a Certificate of Authenticity. For example, the current price is $54 for a one ounce, uncirculated American Silver Eagle:

Which means next Tuesday, the price will be $67, because the US Mint did say in its Tweet, “Prices for products containing silver will change EFFECTIVE October 13, 2020—applicable to silver products already on sale/those yet to be released”.

The question is, how many hours before the US Mint sells out of everything or before their website crashes?





I forgot to add that it looks like some of the coins also come in a coin capsule in addition to the box & COA.

Isn’t it weird that they’re only raising prices on silver and not gold, for it’s almost as if they’re having trouble sourcing silver, and they’re having to pay up for it, big time?


Probably nothing.

Anyway, that’s not the point I wanted to make, however, and the fine folks over at you know where will probably cringe when I say this, but I feel like it needs to be said, especially since I’ve been writing so much about hyperinflation lately (see here and here).

Here’s my point: If you understand even the very most basic of rudimentary math and rising prices, as in, like, “the price of this dang coin will be 25% higher next Tuesday, guaranteed”, well, it’s not like I’m just saying that, you know:

Just sayin’…