Breaking: Anthony Weiner Cooperating With FBI Investigation



Fox News reported moments ago that Anthony Weiner is cooperating with the FBI investigation. 
Implications?  The FBI no longer needs a search warrant to examine the contents of Weiner’s laptop seized in the investigation.  

As intelligence agency whisperings have been suggesting for days, We suspect there must be a SMOKING GUN on Weiner’s laptop for the FBI to be forced into reopening the investigation. 

For if FBI Director Comey REALLY wanted to conduct a complete investigation including Hillary’s thousands of bleached emails, he would simply contact the NSA and request the results of an X-Keyscore search for the results of the email address [email protected]

The fact that this never happened (despite the fact that the FBI and DOJ assuredly knows of this capability and uses it in the investigation of suspects NOT named Hillary Clinton) indicates to us that the FBI has been forced into this action due to an imminent criminal bombshell regarding Hillary’s emails, likely from an intelligence agency insider. 

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