Bread & Circuses: Professional Wrestling Has Been Deemed An “Essential Service”!

College sports may not be essential, but professional wrestling is, so the “production” resumes. Is this Trump’s new venue for political rallies?

(by Half Dollar) The “production” resumes!

CNN’s words, not mine.

There’s been a lot of debate lately about what is essential and what is not, and therefore, what gets to stay open and what gets shut down, and it’s all decided upon pretty much by upper level politicians as the sole arbiters.

In March, they were simply cancellations without much thought over whether these things were considered “essential” or not.

For example, here’s quite a few things we reported on in mid-March which all got the axe:

Speaking of March, March Madness was even cancelled this year.

The cancellations, however, turned political, and as such, it has all morphed into a vile, buddy-buddy dance of what is deemed essential and what is not, or, what benefits the government and politicians and what does not.

For example, Last week we reported on the state of Vermont deciding that gardening is not essential for one reason or another.

But wait, there’s more!

That’s right, because in the state of Michigan, seeds have been determined non-essential like in Vermont, but, ready for the kicker – Lotto tickets have been determined to be essential!

From RT:

Michigan residents and local businesses are furious over a new rule, purportedly aimed at stopping the spread of coronavirus, which bars them from buying and selling seeds – now deemed a “non-essential” item.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced in a public address that “essential” businesses such as grocery stores will be restricted in what they are allowed to offer to their customers. The policy, the governor argued, is meant to limit unnecessary foot traffic in public spaces exempt from the state-wide shutdown.


The policy quickly caught the attention of local media, which pointed out a number of bizarre inconsistencies. “In-store purchases of Michigan Lottery tickets are still permitted, but buying a can of paint or a bag of seeds is off limits,” observed the Detroit Free Press.

I’ve said this for years and I’ll say it again because it is appropriate here: The government can only ever do one of two things – the government can either get in the way or get out of the way.

That’s it.

Regardless, lives are being destroyed for some, at the same time small fortunes are being made by others, while it often times comes down to how bright your blip is on the Political Favors Radar.

That said, fast forward to this week, and well, this:

Green light.

Prediction: Trump will go on WWE live, or whatever the heck it’s called, and his fans will love it.

He is, after all, a Rockstar.

Or is he a movie star?

Oh, wait, I think it was a Celebrity Cooking show?

In addition to being a professional wrestling star?


Doesn’t matter.

Trump’s got some skulls to crack on live TV, with all of the flair that only professional wrestling can offer, so the only question is, will he use a chair?

Well, it’s a good thing professional wrestling is essential, because we’ll soon find out!



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