Brazil: Coup or Democratic Process Leading To Impeachment? – Eric Dubin

Jim Willie gunWho’s behind the Coup attempt in Brasil? 

TND Exclusive:  Eric Dubin

stop coup in brazil

The rise of an organic libertarian movement in Brazil and other Latin American countries is a productive and important development.  Libertarians need to remember that even though Brazil’s libertarian movement is real, there are forces that seek to steer the movement in support of Western interests and what was once called the “Washington Consensus” – not free markets, associations, etc., but a means of establishing a comprador elite that plays by the rules of the Western world order.

Corruption and scandals in Brazil are real.  But so is the use of those scandals and corruption to set in motion the ultimate impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff, and what’s happening in Brazil isn’t the exclusive product of Brazilian forces, but rather, their interaction with a global system.

As the events begin to play out, awareness of the complexities of this situation are slowly becoming known.  Here’s are some interesting anecdotes and developments:

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