Brand New MSM Term to BLAME US ALL and Michael Snyder Was the First Victim

The MSM appears to have just “unwittingly” created a whole new term, though seeing how it comes from WAPO, deeper analysis shows it may have been done completely by design. A very dark and deceptive design.

There is no shortage of hurricane coverage, and as the MSM has plenty of destruction to report and tie it back to President Trump and the racial divide in the United States, so they have their plates full. Sure enough, however, they never let a good opportunity go to waste.

Seems reasonable that somebody would wonder about hurricane classifications. This is a hot topic that comes up in the mainstream media consistently throughout the years anyway. But this time the alternative media beat them to the punch. Michael Snyder of Economic Collapse Blog posed the question if there should be a category 6 hurricane. Dialogue is certainly good for debate and improvement for both science and for humanity.

This would be like us asking if the American Gold Buffalo should be made in 1/10, 1/2, and 1/2 ounce weights like the American Gold Eagle, or perhaps like asking if the American Gold Eagle should be made in .9999 like the Gold Buffalo? In other words, dialogue is only good in questions such as these.

Leave it to the Washington Post, however, to go on the personal attack against Michael Snyder of the Economic Collapse Blog. Michael is also running for congress in Idaho, and seeing as how WAPO is both political and at the very minimum indirectly CIA backed to those who wish not to come to terms with propaganda, seems reasonable they would go on the attack as soon as they got the chance.

They have plenty of chances to attack all the time, and now, for some reason, they have seized this opportunity of all things. Here it is, so please remain seated as you read the absurdity of the new term. Here it is from Michael himself in regards to the attack. See if you can catch the brand new term:

The source that the Washington Post and other mainstream media sources are quoting in their hit pieces is Snopes.  Of course Snopes is well known to be a mouthpiece for the left, and just about everything on their site lines up with the progressive agenda of the radical left.  So it is no surprise that they would attack a Republican candidate for Congress:

The idea that Irma is a Category 6 storm seems to have originated with a a blog post that implied that a new category, Category 6, would be created for Irma. While the post does not state this directly, its headline reads “Category 6? If Hurricane Irma Becomes The Strongest Hurricane In History, It Could Wipe Entire Cities Off The Map.” That story, written by end-time enthusiast and Republican candidate for Idaho’s first congressional district Michael Snyder, was first published on his blog “The Economic Collapse” before being aggregated by other clickbait websites.

Somehow, being a “Doom-n-Gloomer” is no longer cool, and most likely the image is permanently damaged since the release of  Disney’s “Chicken Little”.

More importantly, to the establishment and the MSM, but how do you ascribe blame to a doom-n-gloomer? You can’t. It’s passive.

Now an enthusiast? That’s entirely capable of receiving the blame. Sports car enthusiasts cause crashes all the time. Black Friday enthusiasts get into fights over cheap toasters every year. Enthusiasts do things, where doom-n-gloomers just think things. Big difference, especially when blame is needed and ultimately not on oneself.

In fact, “enthusiast” is not different than “fanatic” according to Dictionary:


So don’t underestimate the seemingly innocent and pointless nature of the term. It is there for a reason, and nobody has even caught on yet. This is classic “setting up for the fall”.

Watch out for the slow creep in usage of “end-time enthusiasts”. As we get to the end-time of the US debt based fiat dollar, blame will be thrown wherever possible as long as it is thrown from Washington outward. We don’t need to mention here that the “end-time” for the dollar results in an ultimate value of zero, as seen with every other fiat currency throughout history, and to that end, we are quickly approaching that value.

Especially if the Fed and government spending has anything to do with it.