JOHN BOLTON’S GONE MAD As Russian Helicopters Circle Venezuela, Slightest Of Mistakes NOT PRICED-IN TO MARKETS, GOLD OR SILVER

SD Midweek Update: China’s military is also operating in Venezuela as the economy & markets are not ready for even the slightest of mistakes…


Editor’s Note: This post is subjective opinion, and all readers will find something offensive about it, so continue reading at your own’ risk. Additionally, Jim Willie said in Part I of our 2-part interview from last Friday, that the US must create war in order to steal the gold needed to defend the dollar. That interview can be viewed here (Part I) and here (Part II).


This is serious stuff.

Several critical events have just unfolded in the ongoing efforts by the Deep State to overthrow the government of and effect regime change in Venezuela.

So let’s get up to speed.

We’ll pick-up approximately where we left-off, which was somewhere around this Tweet from a US Senator from Florida presumably sent during his Necrophiliac’s Coming-out Party:

Oh, how lovely.

Fast forward to the final week in March.

From CNBC:

Two months after Juan Guaido took to the streets of Caracas to declare himself as the country’s rightful president, the National Assembly leader told supporters on Wednesday that preparations were being made for a mass mobilization — called “Operation Freedom” — in a bid to force Maduro to step down.

On the same day, March 28th, Guaido’s wife was all up in the White House actin’ all, well, I don’t really know what to make of it:

Quite the cast of characters though, isn’t it?

More noteworthy, however, is that Russia put boots on the ground that day.

And while it looks like Trump scored some Deep State brownie points wining-n-dining that dude in the picture above, otherwise known as Guaido’s wife, now that we’re in April, it appears that Russia has out-flanked the Deep State, because we’re getting reports that the Russian military has started a military helicopter pilot school to train the Venezuelan military:

From MSN:

MOSCOW, April 2 (Reuters) – Russia has opened a training center in Venezuela to help the country’s pilots fly Russian-made military helicopters, Russian state-owned industrial conglomerate Rostec said on Monday, Moscow’s latest gesture of support for President Nicolas Maduro.

Russia ain’t started no dang pilot school.

Understand what that really means, because it is very, very important.

Here is what that really means: Russian military helicopters will be circling all around Venezuela.

Additionally, on April 2nd, we learn that the legitimately elected President, Nicolas Maduro, has stripped Guaido of his immunity from prosecution.

Notice the narrative from Bloomberg:

President Nicolas Maduro’s Constituent Assembly, stacked with socialist-party loyalists, stripped opposition leader Juan Guaido of his immunity from prosecution Tuesday, as the government ratchets up pressure against the congressman seeking to oust the country’s ruling autocrat.


The measure allows Maduro’s chief rival to be prosecuted and potentially removed from office, but it is unclear what effect it will have — if any — on his push to bring an end to two decades of socialist rule. Guaido, who’s recognized by the U.S. and some 50 other nations as Venezuela’s legitimate head of state, has dismissed the Supreme Court and the Constituent Assembly as puppet institutions that lack real authority.

Do you even propaganize bro?

Interestingly, what has been totally ignored by the mainstream media is that China now has some 120 soldiers operating inside of Venezuela.

Just do a google search on “Chinese military in Venezuela” to see how Americans are being flat-out lied to.

But here’s the real kicker –

John Bolton has gone absolutely mad over Venezuela.

First of all, well, in a snipe at those dang Cubans:

That is important.


It should be noted that when John Bolton says “The US will hold Cuba accountable for its subversion of democracy in Venezuela”, well now, remember that Maduro was legitimately elected, Juan Guaido wan’t even on the ballot, and by refusing to recognize Maduro as President, and by only recognizing Guaido and by wining-n-dining that dude to whom Guaido’s married, it kinda seems like the US is the one who has subverted democracy in Venezuela now, doesn’t it?

More importantly: Can and/or will the US be held accountable?

What does being “held accountable” even mean anyway?

I don’t know, for I am only an idiot, and so I’m asking.

But I do know this – this will do one heck of a job.

Getting Latinos to turn against Trump in 2020.

To maintain the illusion Trump lost naturally.

Using starvation, death, and destruction.

To achieve that goal, which seems.

Oh, I don’t know, perhaps, evil?

Because people will die.

Deep State pawns.

Cannon fodder.

We do know?

It’s coming?

How so?


Bolton’s last Tweet stinks to high heaven of desperation:


Hold on a minute!

Did anybody notice that a launch of some new iPhone that Apple fanboys don’t even line-up for anymore has more security than a freakin’ geo-political hot-spot border crossing, in which there is literally a proxy war being fought as I type, yet Bolton uses the hyperbole of “barricades” to make it seem like those fat people, who can barely step over 12-inches of easily-navigated, laid-down fencing, are Stormin’ the Beaches of Normandy?

Hold on a minute again!

Fat people?

In Venezuela?


That’s odd.

It’s really funny too.

You know, in a Deep State Swamp Creature-ish kind-of way.

Because starving people who have nothing to lose.

Do not walk around in clean clothes like that.

They dang sure ain’t fat like that.

So I must ask.


The golden cross of the S&P 500 is about to spread wider than peanut butter on Texas toast:

A double-top it is then.

Of course, they’ve walked the VIX right back down:

They’re really gonna wipe out the sheeple as soon as they flip that switch.

The bond market has been smelling the trap all along:

By this point, however, in my opinion, anybody thinking there is safety in government debt is also going to learn what it’s like to get wiped-out.

The dollar is still just kept within its holding pattern:

That range is between 96 and 97.

Copper’s support at $2.90 is really becoming strong now:

Inflation is indeed coming.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, can you give a specific example of what you mean?”.


I’d be happy to.

Copper is a base metal, and it is something that can be stockpiled with relative ease. I do think governments and companies will begin to diversify their de-dollarization tactics to include the stockpiling of things such as copper. This demand will put a bid in the price of copper, and with actual copper being taken off the market and stockpiled for later use, nations will be getting out of their dollars and hold something that has a great price for its value.

All of that means prices will go up because there are more buyers than sellers, and, unlike the paper markets, copper is actually a thing.

Inflation is coming elsewhere, and I have seen countless examples, even this year, of price inflation, but that’s a topic for another day.

Crude oil is above $62/barrel:

I’m thinking a surge here, and then a pullback to test support at $60.

Platinum is clearly climbing that wall of worry again:

The golden cross is plain as day, and one could also argue a bull wedge ready to show the break-out or break-down.

Palladium is bouncing between $1300 and $1400:

I do not see palladium as a bubble that has burst.

The gold-to-silver ratio has gone nowhere for three days:

Anybody looking to make the gold-to-silver ratio arbitrage investment is still getting an absolute gift from the cartel right now.

Gold has been struggling to reclaim $1300:

I think we do get there, however, to close out the week.

Silver is building support at $15:

Yet the cartel’s succeeded in gettin’ silver’s 50-day moving average to point down.

Bottom line as we head into Hump Day during this first week of April, 2019?

Venezuela’s one volatile powder keg that is not only looking for a spark.

But the sparks are quite literally flying all around the gunpowder.

Is the economy ready for a real, hot war in South America?

Or for the US military operating in our own backyard?

Which may have already begun, because, well.

The propaganda on this one’s extra heavy.

And people are quick to arrive.

At unsound conclusions.

And that sounds like.

Quite the problem.

For the markets.

But for gold?

Or silver?

Oh my!



Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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