Bloomberg: Just Buy Chicken! (Spoiler Alert: Here Come The Price Spikes And Shortages Of That Too)

What do you get when you combine “right now”, “right now”, and “right now” in one paragraph about chicken? Hopefully not a world gone full Popeye’s…

(by Half Dollar) Oh good grief.

Just buy chicken!

It’s not complicated people.

At least, not if you read everybody’s favorite mainstream financial news website, Bloomberg (bold added for emphasis):

Covid-19 is ripping through America’s heartland and causing shutdowns and slowdowns of plants that process much of the nation’s pork and beef. Prices are already surging.

Chicken’s a different story. It’s still fairly cheap.

While there have been cuts to production at poultry plants, which are mainly located in the southern U.S., and reports of sick workers, the industry hasn’t seen major closures.


Chicken right now is the value option for many households where the budget is strapped,” Penn said on a call with analysts to discuss financial results. “People are looking right now for healthy foods, and foods that add to their well-being, and chicken right now falls directly into that category.”

The key words are “chicken” and “right now”.

Especially “right now”.

That means, if you’re willing and able, buy some chicken before that’s all gone too.


Well, if the dollar goes down the same road other fiat currencies have gone down in the Weimar Republic, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, or wherever, then you might want to even wash and save those styrofoam meat trays too because those will be worth their weight in gold!

Pun intended.

And not.

I have a point to make here: In my opinion, the collapse of the US dollar has begun.

I mean, the price tag of the next phase of the Federal “bail-out” is somewhere around a trillion, and we are what, only a month and a half into the shutdown, yet no one bats an eye or even raises an eyebrow at the trillions that have been printed so far, and the trillions yet to come?

It has begun, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

That is to say, if I’m right, and if the crack-up boom has begun, then come next week, we’ll be talking about spiking chicken prices along with widespread shortages.

You see, the problem is the money’s no good.

That’s been the problem for quite some time.

We’ve let corrupt, evil people take us from the Constitutionally required bi-metallic gold & silver standard to unbacked, debt-based fiat currency doomed to the fate of exponential growth.

Right now, I think they’re masking it, and they’re masking it pretty darn well.

In reality, however, items we take for granted are disapperaing.

Here’s a pro-tip: If it’s not grown or killed here in the United States, and you need it, or want it, but can’t grow it or kill it yourself, you might want to buy some of it like yesterday.

They call it “hot potato” for a reason.

The game is global, and we all must play, whether we want to or not.

It’as not a choice!

This isn’t about chicken, or beef, or pork.

It’s about confidence, honesty and trust.

All of which have been shattered for quite some time.

Only now, however, do the people realize they’re bleeding.

Most will bleed-out.

That’s how it goes.