Black Swan Up Next? Fed & Federal Govt Have Lost Control Of Market And Economic Narratives, Gold & Silver Surge Higher

Fed Chair Powell has returned to his financial babbling, nonsensical self as Biden reminisces about his days as a truck driver! Gold & silver are not fooled…

(by Half Dollar) There is only one problem with losing control of the narrative, however.

How do they regain control?

Sure, the question is rhetorical, but to make a point: In my opinion, we are at an elevated risk of some sort of “event”, kinda sorta like a Black Swan, but one that may or may not be exclusive to the markets or the economy, and it makes sense that something awful may be just around the corner, because they sure are pushing the whole Zombie Apocalypse thingy pretty hard right now too.

Let’s not kid ourselves: The Federal government in particular is literally in a full court press to push people to their limits, including causing some people to snap by pushing them over the edge regarding the you-know-what.

I mean, decide right now if you want to continue in your job or not?

Who wants to all of the sudden have to deal with that?


Back to the main point of this article: Between Fed Chair Powell saying something borderline incoherent about all things finance, in more or less a dumbed-down “Maestro” Greenspan kind of way, to Biden claiming to have been a truck driver, perhaps in some other life or something, to the mainstream media Propagandists giving Powell and Biden a pass on anything and everything, if it was not already obvious that the Fed and the Feds have lost control of pretty much all narratives, after yesterday, it should be.

Again, the problem with losing control of the narrative is that it’s also a form of losing control in general, and as such, a market event, or a false flag, or a false flag hoax, or whatever, could get people looking to the Fed and the Feds to “do something”, and not only would that serve as a way to regain control of the narrative, but regain control in a way that would be spun by the MSM Propagandists as a good thing that the Fed and Feds are doing.

Or is that no longer how it works?

Regardless, the Cartel has been busy trying to stem the tide:

If this is a break-out fake-out, morale is going to get crushed, but on the bright side, that would probably serve as the capitulation in silver I’ve been looking for.

Several signs point to the fact that we could finally be ready to rally, however, including a closing of the gap in performance we’ve all been looking for:

My only concern there is that silver has not outperformed gold to the downside.

Additionally, the dollar has been plunging over the last several days:

If the dollar has topped out, it will be even harder for the Cartel to keep gold & silver prices down.

Furthermore, we have not seen the bounce if yield I’ve been looking for:

And with real interest rates plunging into even deeper negative territory, that’s also going to be problematic for the Cartel to keep gold & silver down.

All things considered, it looks like we’re in for some excitement or another brutal let down.