Bix Weir: We’re Building A Cryptocurrency Way Out Without ANY Help Of Government, Regulators, Or Banks

Bix Weir says that things have changed and billions will die if all we have is gold & silver because gold & silver can’t work with ‘just-in-time’ inventory systems…

Bix Weir interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

What are the real driving forces behind Bitcoin’s volatile price? Why haven’t gold & silver participated so far in this dramatic action? What are we most likely to see in 2018 for crypto-currencies vs. gold & silver? Will the central banks and governments be able to shut cryptos down? How can ordinary people position themselves to survive and thrive in the transition from our risky debt-bubble to the next generation system?

Bix Weir, founder of, returns to Reluctant Preppers to reveal his prediction on whether gold vs. silver will perform dramatically better in the coming system, and why he expects ONE SPECIFC CRYPTO to outperform going forward..(Hint: It’s not BitCoin!) Don’t miss this thought-provoking journey into what’s most likely to come next!