Bix Weir: “Sell Your Gold And Buy As Many Cryptos As You Can”

Bix says one single trade can take Bitcoin to $13,888 by mid-February, and Bix says anybody with any money needs to get in now. Here’s why…In this latest update, Bix says that this attack on crypto has been planned well before Bitcoins run to $20,000.

Bix also issues a warning in his latest update: Bix says if anybody has any crypto that has exposure to a “third party”, then get it out.

Bix says any third party between you and your crypto is unsafe.

Bix recommends anybody who has any additional money to get in to the cryptocurrency market now.

He says “it’s always darkest before the dawn”.

Here’s Bix Weir via Road to Roota

The latest Crypto attacks were planned long before the run up to $20,000 BTC in December. This is HOW and WHEN the BIG MONEY gets in!