Bix Weir Doubles Down: “When Bitcoin Makes Its ‘Death Cross’ I’m Selling Silver To Buy More Bitcoin”

Bix says the coming ultra-bearish “death cross” means nothing, so much so, that Bix will double down by selling silver to buy more crypto. Here’s an update…

Editor’s Note: For anybody not following the price action of Bitcoin, the crypto is now under $7,500, and interest in Bitcoin as shown via google search trends has crashed (with a popular free, online video game perhaps becoming the next big thing).

Here’s Bitcoin’s price action over the last couple of days:



And here’s the popular online game Fortnite trending in online searches and overtaking Bitcoin, while the interest in Bitcoin has crashed:



Bix Weir from Road to Roota

Bix says that as soon as the manipulators decide how low they want to take Bitcoin, Bix is going to be ready for the skyrocket after that. Bix says if you have been a HODLer (a holder of crypto who never sells), you are doing a good job.

In fact, when Bitcoin puts in the very bearish “death cross”, the falling of price of the 50-day moving average below the 200-day moving average, Bix says he’s selling silver to buy more Bitcoin.

Bix says we don’t know when the manipulation will end, but Bix says there’s an effort going on by the manipulators right now to kill Ethereum.

Turning back to Bitcoin, Bix says the bottom will be in by Tax day, and then, there will be no sellers left and a whole bunch of people who are just chomping at the bit to buy.

Bix says if you’re a HODLer, don’t worry about anything.

Bix then turns his attention to El Petro, and Russia’s refusal to take it in payment for loan servicing. Bix says that El Petro is not a good crypto. Bix explains why El Petro is not, but other cryptos are.

Bix says a crypto based on math is sound, and one that is decentralized, like Bitcoin, where using Bitcoin’s own network to handle transactions is better.

For all that and more, tune in to this important update below: