Bix Weir’s Timely Update After Chaos In Cryptoland: “I’ll HODL If They ALL GO DOWN TO $1.00”

Bix reassures those who bought Bitcoin above $10,000 that yesterday was “no big deal…look for pennies under the couch cushions to buy more right now!”…

Bix Weir gives a timely update from his Road To Roota YouTube Channel

Bix says this latest movement is a manipulated shake-down by JP Morgan to shake off weak investors (perhaps Bix means all the taxi drivers and grandmas who bought between $10,000 and $20,000) so that the big players can get in at a lower price.

Said differently: Bix claims JP Morgan is manipulating the price down to buy up as much Bitcoin as they can, for themselves only, in order to then ride it back up.

Bix says they will temporarily manipulate the market so the “big, big money” can get in. Bix says that when the “big money” is in, they will stop the manipulation of Bitcoin and let the market be free.

Bix says those who missed out on the early days can still get in right here, right now, presumably right alongside with JP Morgan.

Bix says that’s how to make money in crypto. Bix says you’ve got to get in, watch it plummet in value, but HODL, and that’s the secret. Then more people can get in, watch their “investment” plummet, but if they just HODL, they will get rich because even more people will come rushing in to buy more later. It almost sounds too good to be true, but it’s Bitcoin that Bix is talking about, so it is as long as everybody just HODLs and new people rush in to buy at every 50% price crash, Bitcoin will continue it’s rise and 2018 will be a “monster year”, according to Bix.

Bix says “the technology hasn’t changed” with Bitcoin, which at first may sound perplexing, because that is exactly what technology does and is supposed to do – change – But Bix is talking about Bitcoin here, and whatever Bitcoin wants to do, change or not, develop or not, fork into one, two, three or thrity-thousand Bitcoin forks or not, Bitcoin’s gonna do what Bitcoin’s gonna do.

Bix says that Bitconnect was collapsed on purpose by the manipulators, but if you are a private Road to Roota paid subscriber, Bix will have a more in-depth review for those who pay for Bix’s knowledge.

Bix Weir doesn’t just talk about Bitcoin. He moves on to Ripple. Bix says the bankers ran it up Ripple to draw in all the weak hands so that they could crush it and break sentiment (even though Ripple came out of nowhere).

He says this is nothing more than what happened to silver in May of 2011.

Bix says the move from January 1st to May 1st in 2011 in silver was nothing more than a “bankster move.” 

Said differently, Bix is saying the move in silver over five months in 2011 had nothing to do with people becoming interested in silver and everything with the banksters running up the price to draw in investors to then smash the price and crush the sentiment when there wasn’t any to begin with before it was contrived by the big banks.

Returning to Bitcoin, Bix says he would recommend any of the 15 cryptos he promotes, with more specific info available directly to Bix’s paid subscribers, but Bix does say that now is the time to “look for pennies under the couch cushions” to buy more (we assume he means finding sufficient pennies in the couch to cover any transaction fee and pay capital gains taxes on the transaction if shifting from one crypto to another after the purchase chain has begin).

Tune-in below for all of Bix’s reassurances and recommendations.