Bix Weir Calls The Bottom In Bitcoin And Adds “Nobody Is Selling Bitcoin Right Now”

Bix is back with an update on Bitcoin. Bix says buy more, because it will be at $13,888 in two weeks. Here’s why…

Bitcoin traded down to a 7-handle this morning:

Bix Weir did not provide an update on Bitcoin until last night, but he’s back with his morning update today, Friday.

The bottom line: Bix says “it’s no big deal”. According to Bix, this is healthy, and even needed, since Bitcoin will be starting it’s next move higher from $13,888 in two weeks. Bix says “when you can’t go down there’s only one way go, and that’s up!”

Here’s more from Bix’s Road To Roota YouTube Channel

Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar