Bix Weir: Bitcoin Is Going To $10,000,000 Next Year And IT IS NOT GOING TO STOP

Bix says Bitcoin is “Bubblicious” and that’s why Bix says that you need to “BUY! BUY! BUY!”…

Bix Weir provides an update on all things cryptocurrency on this timely RoadtoRoota video blog.

Bix says that people are mad for not buying Bticoin when it was $1,000, but he says they are going to be even madder next year for not buying at $11,000 when the price is $50,000 within the first half of 2018. But Bitcoin doesn’t stop there in 2018. If fact, Bix says that simply, “Bitcoin is not going to stop”.

All that and more in this timely market update with a Road to Roota slant presented with a fundamental take on the rise in the price of Bitcoin.

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