Bill Holter: Loss Of Confidence And Riots To Come Along With The Mass Arrests And Military Tribunals

Bill has an important update on what happens to the US and the US economy as the Traitors are arrested and tried for crimes such as sedition and treason…

Bill Holter interviewed on the X22 Report Spotlight

Bill joins Dave for another hard-hitting interview about the progress being made to take down the Deep State and bring the Traitors to justice.

When will the arrests begin, what will happen in the US once they start, and what does this all mean for the economy?

Bill breaks it all down like few can.

Bill also shares his expertise on what is going on with gold, silver, the dollar, the stock market, the national debt, global debt, the debt reset, and the economy in general.

For all those topics and a whole lot more, tune in to the interview in its entirety below: