Bill Holter: Confidence Going To Break Biggest Debt Bubble In History

This is the biggest debt bubble in history…

by Greg Hunter with Bill Holter via

Financial writer Bill Holter has long said, “This is the biggest debt bubble in history.” He says we are in the perfect geopolitical and financial storm that can shake people to the core. Holter says, “I believe it breaks confidence. Others say arrests and indictments will increase confidence. I agree with that in the long term, but initially, it breaks confidence, not only in the United States, but outside with foreigners. If there are no arrests, we live in a complete banana republic land. . . . This was and is a coup attempt. . . . This is by far the most intricate coup attempt in the history of history. If they don’t do something about this, then what does that say about our form of government? . . . Confidence is going to break, and confidence is what markets basically rely and trade on. Confidence is the largest factor in the credit markets, and the world runs on credit.”

So, is this why so many top money managers and financial experts are telling people to buy gold? Holter says, “They see that confidence is going to break. . . .What kind of asset doesn’t get affected, and not only affected negatively, but it gets affected positively? The answer is gold and silver. They are non-liability money. They are not issued by anyone. . . . It is real money.”
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