Big Tech Censors, Texas Sues, Unemployment Jumps

The Supreme Court is sure to hear this case…

Greg Hunter gives The Weekly News Wrap-Up for Friday, December 11, 2020

In a surprising move, YouTube is telling its users that it will “. . . remove videos questioning the Biden election victory.” This to me seems like a panicked reaction to the mounting evidence of voter irregularities and problems coming out of the 2020 Election.

Texas is suing four battleground states (Penn, AZ, MI and WI) for willfully not following their own election laws established by their respective state legislatures. Therefore, Texas contends the election results in those states were not constitutional and invalid. Pennsylvania responded and called the Texas lawsuit “bogus” and “seditious.” This is a first ever lawsuit with many states on both sides lining up against one another. The Supreme Court is sure to hear this case.

Just when you think the economy was getting better and unemployment was going down, a fresh weekly number comes out showing more than 850,000 Americans filed new claims last week. It was an increase of 140,000 from the week before. No doubt new CV19 lockdown orders are causing this spike.

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