Big Discrepancy Between NY Fed Daily Repo Market Disclosure Data & St. Louis Fed Data

Something does not add up!

by Jason Burack via Wall St For Main St

According to the NY Fed daily Repo Madness daily data disclosures the Fed is taking in as “good collateral” sometimes more than $10 billion dollars per day in mortgage backed securities (MBS) while according to the St. Louis Fed (FRED) data, the Federal Reserve has unloaded $214.515 billion dollars of MBS in the last 12 months as it stated publicly that it was selling a capped amount of $20 billion dollars of MBS per month. So something does not add up! Can both be true? Or is one of both sources of data lying?

Official St. Louis Fed (FRED) data on total mortgage backed securities (MBS) that are on the Fed’s balance sheet:…

New York Fed daily updates on Repo Madness and what the Fed is accepting as “good collateral” including billions per day (sometimes over $20 billion dollars per day) of MBS:…

The discrepancy may be over 10 fold already! And Repo Madness is Far From Over!