Biden’s First Executive Order Will Be A Mask Mandate For All Federal Property

And he will “urge states to do the same”…

(by Half Dollar) So it’s official: Mask Mandate.

Oh yeah, and Biden is now President.

Since he hasn’t found his way to the Oval Office just yet, we’ll just have to rely on CNN for the reporting on this one.

I know, right?

Strange times indeed.

From CNN (bold added for emphasis and commentary):

(CNN)President-elect Joe Biden, who plans to make the coronavirus pandemic his top priority, will begin his presidency by asking Americans to wear masks for 100 days and requiring their use on federal property.

For those interested in the math, that would be Friday, the 30th of April.

Now, if one is super stoked about being forced to wear a mask, but if one does not have access to Federal “property”, well then, hopefully your Governor will follow Biden’s urging:

His first executive order, the “100 Days Masking Challenge,” will symbolize the administration’s sharp turn from the Trump era by emphasizing recommendations by public health experts. A president cannot tell states or cities what to do, but a federal mandate will affect federal offices and federal lands and will urge states to do the same.

Biden is also apparently planning a whole host of other Executive Orders, Actions, and who knows what else, but the mask mandate will be the very first thing.



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Oh yeah, and hang in there.

Look forward to the opportunities post collapse!