Food Prices To Surge Again And More Shortages Imminent As Biden Says “Wages Have Gone Up Higher, Faster Than Inflation” And That We Need To Deal With “Price Gouging” Occurring in Beef, Chicken, And Other Things

“Anyone who would prefer, as bad as things are in terms of prices helping, hurting families now, trade this Thanksgiving for…

(by Half Dollar) Biden has given a departing “press” “conference” at COP26.

Biden says, “the significant reason why prices are up is because of Covid affecting the supply chains”.

Fascist Totalitarianism has nothing to do with it, of course.

Biden also says that oil prices are up because Russia and OPEC “refuse to pump more oil”.

Not to worry though, because our “Elected” “Leader” said, “we’ll see what happens on that score sooner than later”.

Indeed, Biden, or someone, or some thing, has just made some comments, including comments about the economy in general and price inflation specifically (video will auto-play at appropriate timestamp):