Biden Just Took New Action That Assures More EXTREME Food Price Inflation Is Coming Fast!

Thought that food price inflation was already a huge problem? Biden just took some action that guarantees the problem is about to get much, much worse…



This is way more than just a free-meals-for-kids program over the Summer being provided through the school system.

It’s a direct cash injection!

It’s a direct cash injection that’s loaded on to EBT Cards (debit-type cards that food stamp recipients use to buy food, sometimes even actual debit cards depending on the state and other benefits a person may be reaping) in the amount of $375 per month, per child, and since this cash-equivalent money can only be used to purchase food, as stated below, when there’s all of the sudden more money being pumped into the system that’s chasing around the same amount of food, that’s highly price inflationary!


(by Half Dollar) Remember how the Fed’s Apologists, Armchair Quarterbacks, “Critics”, Enablers, Experts, Gurus, Pundits, Propagandists, Shills, Sympathizers, and Worse told us that one of the main reasons that food prices shot up and food disappeared from store shelves in early 2020 was because our economy was not set-up to handle a shift from functioning commercial and retail food service sectors to one that was primarily retail?

Like, do you even work in food service or been to a soup kitchen or food bank, Bro?

Those very same people are about to say, “restarting the commercial food service industry is challenging because everything was switched to focus on food at home, so we are seeing disruptions and upward price pressures again as the industry picks back up.”.

See how that works?

It would be pathetic if it wasn’t so darn evil.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, we should call you Mr Fed Hypocrite when it comes to the Fed, because you sure seem to talk about the Fed a lot!”

Uh, no.

All I ever do is talk about the markets and the economy, and unfortunately, since the Fed is intervening in the markets and the economy every single day of the week, and since the Fed is generally doing its best to destroy Joe Deplorable’s finances as spectacularly as possible, and since the Fed is happily inducing misery and ruin on Main Street, unfortunately, I must talk about the Fed.

I mean, I suppose you could call me a Fed “Abolitionist”, but that’s putting it lightly.

Regardless, yesterday morning I wrote an article about signs that restaurants are adapting to an era of fast rising prices.

Hyperinflation, if I may, or if you will, or whatever.

Now, making matter’s worse, today I would like to say that just yesterday afternoon, we learned that even more fuel was being added to this inflationary fire.

But don’t take ‘Ol Half Dollar’s word for it, see the continued overt, public destruction of the United States Dollar from Joe Biden (or Someone, or Some Thing) himself:

Recall that there was already a bump of 15% in food stamp benefits, and now, any and all kids across America will continue to get 10 free meals per week (I assume the current rate will be kept) throughout the Summer.

Here’s the point: Whenever any government gets involved, and especially the Federal Government, things always end up costing more.

Prohibitively more, really.

That is to say, the Federal Government is heavily involved in higher “education”, and we see what’s happened with prices (and quality) there.

Or, for example, the Federal Government is heavily involved in health “care”, and we see what’s happened with prices (and quality) there.

Of course, the Federal Government is heavily involved in housing, and we see what’s happened to prices (and quality) there.

It’s kind of like the Midas Touch, only different, in that everything the Federal Government touches turns not into gold, but unaffordable.

And sadly, although we only have ourselves to blame for permitting such corrupt, Unconstitutional actions, the Federal Government is becoming more and more heavily involved in our nation’s food industries, and if you happen to be one of those people who eats food, hopefully you won’t have to become a debt slave just to eat, much less have to move into FEMA Camp, USA, to sustain thyself.

You see, US dollars don’t grow on trees, but given a whole lot of hard work, fertile land, good weather, and perhaps some luck, food does, and when the Federal Government adds even more unbacked, debt-based fiat currency dependent on exponential, unsustainable growth to the ever growing pile of dollars that is already chasing around the same amount of limited food growing on trees, if you don’t live in the United States or in an area that can sustain itself by growing its own food, well, um, yeah.

Good luck with that.

In other news, believe it or not, there was once a time when Americans actually thought for themselves:

There was also a time when Americans had these things called “Freedom” and “Liberty”, and as long as Americans weren’t infringing on someone else’s Freedom & Liberty, we didn’t care about what the Federal Government allowed us to do, or not, much less were we dogs owned by the state.

Malnourished dogs owned by the state that are chained up, beaten and kicked, repeatedly, that is.

Dang shame…