Beyond The B-Rate Soap Opera Political Scandals And Drama: The Great American Plundering Intensifies

Time is short…

(by Half Dollar) It’s nothing but bread-n-circuses for the brainwashed masses.

In CNN, we see they just can’t let go of their money maker:

The nice thing about Mexican Soap Operas versus American Soap Operas is that Mexican Soap Operas start and end, you know?

Whereas in the United States, they just go on, and on, and on, and on, and on.

And on.

And on.

And on Fox News, by golly, it’s a sex scandal in New York:

I’ll refrain from comment other than to say we’re in the middle of a supposed “raging pandemic”, our markets are totally disconnected from all forms of reality, and Main Street is a complete and total basket case, to say the very least, and yet, we get Trump, sex, scandal, and the same evil, corrupt faces, day in and day out.

Year in and year out.

Decade after decade.

Is that ironic, pathetic, or sad?


Probably nothing.

Cutting through the bread-n-circuses, we see the The Great American Plundering intensifies.

If you’re not exactly sure what that is, let me sum it up for you as simple as I can: Anybody with half of one single brain cell, who is somehow related to Uncle Sam in one way or another, is figuring out how in the heck they can get as much free money from Uncle Sam as they can before his heart explodes and the party abruptly stops.

Let me give a couple of examples.

Welfare Queen and her live in (unofficial) boyfriend, Babbling Burnt Lips, are figuring out where the very best food banks are, they’re deciding how to trade their temporarily increased monthly food stamp allotment for lottery tickets and booze, and both Welfare Queen and Babbling Burnt Lips are on the verge of finding out where to get gift certificates, pre-paid Visa debit cards, “grants”, and other forms of “free money” because, well, why the heck not, and what else are we going to have social workers for, if not for hospital and prison churn, then for “helping out” poor people?

Mr Government Worker, along with his live-in significant other, Mrs Big Corporate Career Gal, are deciding how they’re going to retire early, how they’re going to maximize their sick time and vacation time towards that end, and how the pseudo “power couple” are going to reap any additional coronavirus-related job “benefits” that may temporarily be on offer, and the very sharpest of these “public servants” and “zombie company employees” have created small businesses too, albeit on paper only, just in case there is “free money” to be made there, assuming, of course, and correctly so, the government and corporate work is such that said workers can work on whatever they want during the day as opposed to the actual work for which they are supposedly employed.

Mr Typical Politician, along with his live-in, gender-unspecified non-partner, Low Life Criminal, are deciding who or what they’re going to steal from next, but not only that, they’re deciding who or what they’re going to steal from next that will give Mr Typical Politician and Low Life Criminal the most bang for their buck, so to say, or free money for their fraud, or whatever you want to call it, and here is where the very largest of plunder takes place because the stakes are so high, depending where one happens to be in the order of Deep State or Globalist hierarchy, of course.

Joe Deplorable, along with his wife, Real American Woman, are deciding, um, uh, err, wait.

They’re not deciding anything.

They’re just busting their butts, working hard, and trying to better their situation in life as the world in general, and America specifically, collapses to the ground, and as such, well, I guess you could say they are indeed still kind of deciding things.

That is to say, mostly, Joe Deplorable, along with his wife, Real American Woman, are deciding how they’re going to get screwed the least by Welfare Queen, Babbling Burnt Lips, Mr Government Worker, Mrs Big Corporate Career Gal, Mr Typical Politician and Low Life Criminal, although those decisions amount to not much more than pipe dreams, because usually it’s BOHICA.

Here’s the question: What is the significance of all this plunder?

Whether people know it or not, everything that I just described is the foundation of the crack-up boom, already in motion, and arguably, in the early stages.

In other words, everybody is in a mad scramble, and while Welfare Queen may not think too much about it, while Mr Government Worker may not think too much about it, while Mr Typical Politician may not think too much about it, and while Joe Deplorable may not think too much about it, when connecting these dots that landscape America, we see a very clear picture of the end stages of the US dollar as we know it.

Now here’s the thing: Most people are sheeple, so they’re oblivious to all of this anyway, and the rest in society, well, they’re either unaware of what is happening, or they live in a town called “It Will Never Happen Here”, or they live in a town called “That Will Never Happen To The Dollar”, and the problem is there’s a river called Denial that separates the two towns, and both of them will get wiped out in the flood.

They’ve been flooding the silver “market” with a bunch of paper promises:

Silver rode its 50-day moving average for a while the last time we were down here, although this time, I’m not so sure.

I mean, really, is the Cartel going to let this opportunity slip away from them:

The Cartel wouldn’t even have to brute force silver all that much before they finesse it, either.

My downside target has been $1700 gold:

It looks like I’ll be wrong about that call, however, because if they do succeed in getting silver to catch down to gold, wouldn’t the Cartel like to get a little more downside in gold while the getting’s good?

Palladium continues to bang around in its sideways choppy channel:

Why would palladium not continue to bang around in its sideways choppy channel until the other three precious metals play catch up?

Platinum is trying, but the technicals don’t look that great in the short-term:

Do the charts matter right now?

Right now, everybody is watching copper:

Rightly so.

Everybody is also watching crude oil:

If either copper or crude begin really plunging, that could be a pre-cursor for more downside in the overall markets.

When you’re the stock market, you get the textbook bounce off of a major moving average:

Is the market mayhem really behind us?

The “market participants” aren’t as jittery:

And yes, for now, I’m still sticking to my call.

Big moves like these can take a while to get under control:

Or they can be brute forced under control, which is another reason why I’m still holding out for my original call.

Here’s the entire reason for The Great American Plundering:

It’s unbacked, debt-based fiat currency dependent on exponential, unsustainable growth, officially called “Federal Reserve Notes”, and commonly called the “US Dollar”, and as such, its destiny is to collapse in spectacular fashion.

Hey rest of world and holders of US dollars: The joke is on you!

For the sake of human suffering, however, as in, having the least amount of human suffering as possible, we should all hope for a quick and speedy final collapse of the US dollar, and we should all be doing our part to help ensure the US dollar goes fast as humanly possible.

On the other hand, if you don’t care about human suffering, then carry on.

Either way, time is short.

Thanks for reading,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart