Bernie Sanders Suspends 2020 Presidential Campaign

If there’s an election this November, then the race is on between Biden and Trump. Of course, that’s if you believe that votes are actually counted…

(by Half Dollar) If there’s an election this November, and if the votes are counted, then we’ve got ourselves a race!

I do think there will be the election this November, although it might be done electronically and totally FUBAR, but time will tell on that.

I do not think, however, that votes are counted.

That is to say, I think the Deep State Globalists that run America have a few standbys and alternate “candidates” they can go with, and they go with the one who fits the mainstream narrative the best, Trump included because I think he’s a Deep State Globalist in Patriot’s Clothing.

That said, Bernie Sanders has dropped-out of the 2020 presidential race.

From everybody’s favorite wannabe alternative media website, Zero Hedge:

Sen. Bernie Sanders has suspended his campaign, according to a statement from the Vermont Senator.

“I wanted to just let everyone know that in a half hour I will be publicly announcing the suspension of our campaign. needless to say this is a very difficult and painful decision for me.” “There is no alternative”