Peter Schiff: Be Thankful For Capitalism

We don’t need to re-do capitalism. We just NEED capitalism. What we have to do is get all the socialism out of capitalism…

by Peter Schiff via The Peter Schiff Show Podcast


The Radical Solution Should Be Free Market Capitalism

The problem is, this coming crisis is going to be so bad, it’s going to be so much worse than 2008 and you know it’s all going to be blamed on capitalism. It’s all going to be the left saying “We told you so!” “We cut taxes for the rich, we deregulated. Trump inherited a great economy from Obama and everything he inherited he squandered it with tax cuts for the rich.” And things are going to be very tough. People will demand radical solutions. I wish the radical solution could be Free Market Capitalism, because we haven’t had that in a long time – but everybody’s convinced that that’s all we’ve had. Even the people who supposedly defend capitalism think that it needs a makeover, that it needs to be re-done for the modern era.

Get Government Out and Market Forces Back In

We don’t need to re-do capitalism. We just NEED capitalism. What we have to do is get all the socialism out of capitalism. It’s giving it a bad name. We need to get government out of all this stuff so that market forces can get back in.

How Old Is Too Young to Vote?

I want to finish up the podcast talking about voting. So I read this article about a town, Brookline, that had approved a measure to lower the voting age down to 16. That’s part of the Democrat platform. In addition to doing away with the Electoral College and making D.C. and Puerto Rico states, they want to lower the voting age to 16. I don’t blame the Democrats for wanting the 16-year-olds to vote; almost all of them are going to vote Democrat, because, they’re only 16 – what do you expect? In fact, the Democrats want 14-year-olds – 10-year-olds, 5-year-olds! The younger the better!

Directly Pandering to Children for Votes

They’re not old enough to know any better. It’s so much easier to fool these people. But I can just imagine elections where the politicians have to directly pander to children in order to get their votes.

Raise the Voting Age

So I tweeted that this is a step in the wrong direction. We shouldn’t be lowering the voting age, we should be increasing the voting age. The response was, “Oh, my God! How could you want to do that?”. We’ve talked about that on this podcast before. The voting age up until the 26th Amendment in the early 7o’s was 21. The idea was, if you’re old enough to fight for your country you’re old enough to vote. No. That makes as much sense as saying that if you’re too old to fight, you’re too old to vote.