It all┬ácomes down to individual responsibility and protection of purchasing power to avoid this massive collapse. Here’s why…

by Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media

Josh Sigurdson reports on the global economy as it continues to crumble at the seams. A recent BIS (Bank Of International Settlements) meeting made global headlines as global “leaders” attmempted to brainstorm solutions to the global financial crisis as the everything bubble pops and the US dollar loses global dominance and faith. The BIS warned that the economic slowdown is worsening and that options are dwindling. The problem? As per usual, the central bank’s central bank put forward ideas that would simply make the problem worse. The so-called solutions were essentially made up of exactly what landed the global economy in the turmoil it’s currently in in the first place. With interest rates low and possible lowering of interest rates by the Federal Reserve in the near future following a drop in interest rates in Australia, negative interest rates seem to be an extremely likely scenario going forward which will perfectly fit the puzzle of the global domino effect we are witnessing take place. It is likely that then, soon after, China and India will surpass the United States in power and we will enter into a new age of economic order, world wide. With the centrally planned cashless society on our doorsteps this could end very badly. Of course markets are reacting. On one side, the centralized, bubbled, manipulated markets are faltering as the housing markets across the United States brace for a crash. Pensions are looking terrible and derivatives have reached their peak absurdity. The debt bubble grows dramatically, the yield curve has inverted and the banks are insolvent. On the other side, gold has reached a 6 year high as it rallies alongside a massive run up in the price of Bitcoin among many other cryptocurrencies. It appears that many are flocking to the more decentralized options from the bearish monetary system and markets. This always had to come to an end. The longer it is put off, the worse it is. All fiat systems fail. It comes down to individual responsibility and protection of purchasing power to avoid this massive collapse.

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