Bank Of America CALLS OUT Federal Reserve! – Interest Rate Cut Spells DISASTER For Dollar

The Federal Reserve and the US government have this need to create problem…

Josh Sigurdson and John Sneisen of World Alternative Media interview Tim Picciott

Josh Sigurdson talks with WAM contributor Tim Picciott of The Liberty Advisor about the recent comments by Bank of America regarding the Federal Reserve’s infinite feedback loop.
As Bank Of America Merryl Lynch Research Group’s chart notes, the Federal Reserve and the US government has this need to create problem, reaction, solution repeat. As they put it, first there’s tarriffs, then the economy and the markets weaken, the Fed eases, the economy and market strengthen and then more tarriffs are pushed forward and we see that repeat for eternity.
Of course the reality is far crazier but it’s interesting to see Bank of America say such a thing considering how heavy they’re into the fractional reserve lending and vast debt creation. Interestingly, JP Morgan also recently warned people to cut out the US dollar as much as possible and get into gold. This is the banks essentially trying to cover their own tracks as we reach the complete collapse of the global economy. They’re already bankrupt, so they want to at least kind of appear like they know what they’re talking about going forward.
The truth is, we’ve been in a recession (or worse) since 2008 papered over with vast quantities of debt. The economy is fake. The markets are faked. The populace has a massive debt bubble resting on their shoulders that should have burst over a decade ago but has been perpetually pushed off as long as possible. It’s truly a wonder how it hasn’t completely collapsed yet, but all the same, the longer it’s put off the worse it will be.
All fiat currencies revert to zero and the more faked the economy is, the more faked the markets are, the more real the fall will be.
Tim Picciott breaks down this issue among trade tensions and why tarriffs on Chinese imports hurts the American consumer and business long term more than anyone else.

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