Australia’s Establishment EXPOSED For PLAYING DUMB Prior To The 2008 Global Financial Crisis

In late 2007, the Federal Treasurer stated he believed no collapse of the markets was coming, but what was he doing privately? Adams & North explain…

by John Adams and Martin North from Adams Economics

Australian Economist John Adams from and banking expert Martin North are back in together 2019 as they launched a new YouTube Channel: “In the Interests of the People”.

In their opening episode, The People Suffered, Yet Parliament Knew and Said Nothing, John Adams exposes former Federal Treasurer (and current Australian Ambassador to the United States) Joe Hockey, who signed a letter in August 2007 stating that he believed that no collapse of the financial markets were coming and yet around the same time he and his banker wife knew the GFC was coming and that they were selling their assets privately.

Amazingly, Adams goes on to show that Hockey did not break any laws and rules and that Australian parliamentarians are under no legal or parliamentary obligation (under Australia’s constitutional monarchy) to tell their constituents whether economic danger is coming.

Hence, Adams and North will be standing up for the interests of the people as Australia and  the world heads towards the inevitable Economic Armageddon.