(asset price) INFLATION! Dollar Tree Stock Rockets TO DA MOON As The Retailer Announces A HUGE INCREASE In Share Buybacks!

Dollar tree is raising prices in its stores, and Dollar Tree is also raising its share prices, for the Double Win!

(by Half Dollar) On Monday, I specifically wrote about Dollar Tree.

But I guess I’ve got to write about it again because just yesterday, among other things, Dollar Tree was the Talk of Twitter.

For about an hour.

But it’s interesting, really, because I point this kind of stuff out all the time:

And I’ve come to learn that the people don’t really like to hear it.

People would rather talk about the “supply chain disruptions” or the “microchip shortages”, a development I discussed with Charles Hugh Smith last week:

Is it “ironic” that everybody complains about the microchip shortage while completely ignoring one of the many elephants in the room, or what’s the word I’m looking for?




Doesn’t matter.

What matters is that soon all of those people will be trampled by the overwhelming herd of elephants, so fortunately, we won’t have to put up with this crap for much longer, but what matters even more than that is the fact that Dollar Tree just announced on Tuesday, September 29, that Dollar Tree is increasing prices!

Dollar Tree is increasing share prices, that is:


Or is that not what share buyback announcements, and the consequent buybacks themselves, do?

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, you don’t get it man, people were blowin’ up Twitter about Dollar Tree raising the prices on items in their stores to over $1, not about raising their share price you big doofus!”.

Yeah, well, I guess those BelVita rip-offs from India aren’t working out anymore?

My goodness, that was fast!

Not that Joe Deplorable shouldn’t appreciate the price hikes, of course.

It’s just Dollar Tree delivering him value!

Dollar Tree’s words, not mine:

“Delivering value to our customers and shareholders is our top priority.”

Everybody gets a trophy!

Back in the day, there used to be a “five and dime” store.

Today, or at least in theory, there is a “dollar” store.

And as I have said all along, get ready for $35 bottles of ranch salad dressing, $1500 tennis shoes, $10,000 airplane tickets, and now, I guess we’ve also got to get ready for the “$10 Store”.

In other news, why did the price of silver plunge below $21.50?

Here’s why:

Hyperinflation is transitory…