Ask The Expert – David Morgan – November 2018

What is going on with gold, silver, the markets and the economy at large? Let’s ask the expert, David Morgan, to find out…

David Morgan interviewed on Ask The Expert

This month’s expert is David Morgan, creator of and author of The Morgan Report, a monthly newsletter that offers a wealth of free resources covering economic news, financial health, currency problems and precious metals. David uses his degrees in finance, economics and engineering—plus his love of precious metals—to educate people about sound money and the benefits of an honest financial system.

We are thrilled to have David answer seven of your listener-submitted questions, including:

  • Are highly speculative investments like marijuana and crytpo stealing gold and silver’s thunder?
  • Under what conditions should you consider an allocation of precious metals greater than 10%?
  • Plus: Who wants to keep precious metal prices down—and why?

Find the answers to these questions and much more by listening here: