As Bodies Pile Up In NYC, Chicago Nurse Quits Job For Not Being Able To Wear Personal N-95 Mask To Treat Coronavirus Patient

It seems like Americans are finally coming to terms with the grim reality…

(by Half Dollar) Before the economic decision was made to abruptly suspend Silver Doctors Live, we were discussing coronavirus back when we were simply calling it the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Indeed, we began covering it on January 20th, and just before we suspended the live-streams, we were covering it five days per week between Silver Doctors and Rethinking the Dollar.

If you want to fully understand what is happening in the US right now, just go back and watch those shows, in order, from January 24th on (the 20th coverage was minimal), and you will understand everything that’s happening now was discussed well in advance.

Perhaps understanding gold, silver, the economy and the markets, being a US Army Iraq War Combat Veteran, and also having worked under contract for both the CDC and the National Institutes of Health curses me with the ability to see the horrible things coming before others do?

Or else I’m just the dumbest lucky person alive, or the luckiest dumb person alive.

Take your pick.

Needless to say, I’ve been wondering when we’d see the bodies piling up in the USA.

Well, it seems we have to wonder no longer.

Here’s a round-up from Twitter.

Take it with a grain of salt, of course:

Some still shots of the video above, in case it gets deleted by the censors:

There are other videos of bodies piling up in NYC.

Here are just a few more:

The surging death toll is one thing that will get much, much worse before it gets better, and for several reasons, including but not limited these three reasons:

  • The state of health of the average American is already questionable.
  • Medical services/equipment are simply not available to everybody who needs themn.
  • Healthcare workers get sick, quarantined, die, or decide not to go to war with no weapons.

Speaking of healthcare workers, in one of our earlier coronavirus-dominant Silver Doctors Live shows, and please excuse me as my memory escapes me to exactly which show it was, but a caller called-in to the show who worked in a hospital, and he said many healthcare workers would simply walk-off the job if they did not have the proper equipment or training, which they did not have.

And so it appears, again, taken at face value, this is exactly what is happening.

Here’s the story of one nurse in Chicago:

There’s really no reason to believe this is fake news.

At any rate, let’s let her tell her story, in her own words:

“America is not prepared. The nurses are not being protected”.