Andy Hoffman Delivers A Message About Bitcoin To Everybody Of The Face of The Earth

If you never wanted to own any Bitcoin, Andy has some bad news for you. Here’s his message…

For those who are new to silver, Andy Hoffman was once a staunch silver advocate, a precious metals advocate, and an advocate of sound money.

Last year, Andy turned his back on silver entirely.

See these posts that detail how Andy turned his back on silver here, here, here, and especially here and here.

To see what Andy was like when he was a precious metals advocate, see any of the posts below the first six or so on the Andy Hoffman Silver Doctors page.

A reader tipped us off to something that we missed last week.

So we’ll present it now, because, according to Andy, this will affect every single person of the face of the planet, whether anybody likes it or not:

Anybody new to gold and silver, or just learning for the first time why gold and silver are so important, please see our Gold Standard page on Silver Doctors for more information.

To have held gold and silver over the last seven years has been a test of strength the current HODLers of Bitcoin and crypto could never even come close to shaking a stick at.

They might not even be able to HODL for seven months, or perhaps even seven weeks.

Most couldn’t hold on to gold & silver in the thick of it, when things looked their worst.

Most gave up, even some of the most staunch silver advocates gave up entirely.

And only now are the strong starting to see some light at end of this long, dark tunnel.

Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar