An Ugly Airship Doomed to Crash: The Presidential Campaign of Elizabeth Warren

Warren and her campaign are badly designed and expend enormous amounts of hot air…

by Martin Sieff via Strategic Culture Foundation

Strange Things are happening once again in the ruling circles of the Democratic Party of the United States: The party’s Wise Women (and a couple of Token Men) have decided that Senator Elizabeth Warren, a longtime Republican who supported Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders in 2016, will be the next president of the United States.

The US Deep State would be delighted to have Warren and she has already been Blessed and Sanctified by them through the Secular Confirmation of being featured with a fawning cover story profile in “Time” magazine.

However, Warren eerily resembles an ugly, obsolete state-built and miserably designed British airship from 90 years ago: The R101.

The R101 was built to demonstrate the superiority of State Socialism in Britain. It looked ugly. It had enormous gas bags. It flew like the deadweight white elephant it was and it had pathetically underpowered and badly designed engines. All the Progressive Good and Great of Britain’s Labour Party government of the day came on board to celebrate the maiden flight all the way to India.

But the R101 couldn’t even get from London to Paris: It crashed into a low hill in France killing all 48 people on board.

Like the R101, Warren and her campaign are badly designed and expend enormous amounts of hot air. Warren presents an ugly personality (insofar as she has one at all) and is utterly inept.

By any normal standards, Warren’s chief rival, former Vice President Joe Biden should ruffle no feathers. His son made $600,000 a year sitting on a business board in Ukraine while Biden was vice president but of course there is not a hint of disapproval or suggestion of corruption, of scandal or fraud about this in America’s fatuous Mainstream Media.

Normally, such behavior would be seen as reassuring by the Deep State since it would suggest Biden was as corrupt and tractable as all their other puppets and equally prepared to Play the Game.

Nevertheless, Biden – to his great credit – is anathema to the Deep State. At the very beginning of the Obama administration, he was the only senior official who urged the neophyte young new president Barack Obama to pull all US forces out of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Obama instead listened to his old rival and choice as Secretary of State – Hillary Clinton, of course – to take the cheap, popular and cowardly course of action. He stayed in Afghanistan and Iraq and the American people continue to pay the endless lives and enormous expenses that decision cost.

History showed Biden was right when it mattered. But only the Deep State remembers: And it has neither forgiven nor forgotten.

Yet a strange thing has been happening. The American media – with a lockstep unanimity that simply does not exist in Russia – relentless sneers at and belittles Biden, emphasizing his supposed exhaustion, stupidity, confusion and senility. (There is of course no truth to these claims: Only someone capable of believing the New York Times or The Washington Post could possibly swallow such nonsense)

At the same time, Warren has been treated with deference worthy of a successful incumbent two term president. Her ludicrously un-thought-through and financially ruinous social and economic policies receive no serious coverage.

Yet the grassroots voters of the Democratic Party still refuse to swallow Warren. And they still stubbornly refuse to abandon Biden despite all the hysteria manufactured against him.

The latest Real Clear Politics average of most recent opinion polls still puts Biden clearly ahead of Warren in his ability to defeat President Donald Trump – despite the gigabytes of data that have been expended to build her up and tear him down.

There are many good reasons for this:

First, Warren, again in the face of all the castrated media fearful courtier coverage acclaiming her Warmth, Humanity, Compassion and Brilliance – has all the real warmth and humanity of Nurse Mildred Ratched in the classic 1975 movie “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

Nurse Ratched perfectly portrayed by the great Louise Fletcher in the Oscar-winning movie lobotomized the lovable hero Randle Patrick McMurphy played by Jack Nicolson and tuned him into an appalling, suffering walking-dead zombie. One can easily see Warren doing that to Biden, President Trump and anyone else who crossed her.

Warren cannot attract African-American voters – the largest and most important safe voting block for the Democrats. They loved Barack Obama, rejected Hillary Clinton and have stayed loyal to Biden.

Warren is being marketed as a fake progressive but as long as Bernie Sanders stays in the field he will deny her that claim. And if he should have to step out, the outspoken, fearless and genuinely principled young Tulsi Gabbard would be ready to take over that role.

Warren is not young. She has no track record or credibility as a progressive. She won her position in Harvard by lying that she was of significant Native American origin. She is not. And none of the Native American nations will have her.

Warren is elitist. And even Nurse Ratched had more charisma. Like the ludicrous R101 airship, she spends public money like water and is grossly underpowered in support among Heartland older Democrats, young progressives and African-Americans alike. Also, she has never run anything significant in her life.

Mountains of worthless propaganda were expended in the British media in 1929 and 1930 boasting of the supposed world beating capabilities of the R101. It crashed into a low hill after only a few hours of flight. India was still 7,500 kilometers (4,600 miles) away. For Warren, winning the White House will be an equally remote prize.